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Attaching Drive After Boot

Oct 28, 2015 at 4:34 PM
I'm looking for a solution to this exact problem, and I think KeepAliveHD sounds like just the ticket, but I have a question. The drive I'm struggling with is used as a system backup drive overnight. The drive is stored away for several days at a time and then attached to the system at the end of a work day so that an overnight automated backup can be performed. So here's the question:

If I have KeepAliveHD autorun at Boot, and the drive is not attached until hours or days later, will KeepAliveHD still pick up the newly attached drive and keep it from going to sleep?

This is a concern because the people who actually attach the backup hard drives don't have any technical expertise. They attach the drives and turn them on and go home for the day. The automated backup system kicks-in several hours later, at which point I need the external drive to be awake.

Thank you for your assistance.