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Windows7 - disks still going to sleep



Thank you for you effort doing all this work!!!

As a TV Producer, i run a bunch of firewire 800 disks on the Avid editing workstations. I found no solution to prevent the western digital mybook studio disks from sleep.

KeepaliveHD makes it a little better, but during the day i realize form time to time that disks are spinning up, which must be impossible, becaus my wakeuptimer is set down to one minute.

i allso tried nosleepHD several years ago. It worked for Windows XP, but now none of the tools works :-(

Is there any buffer which recognize the file as "written minutes ago" and does not write it again, or whaits for more data to be written at once?

It would be great to hear from you. I am sure, I am doing something wrong!

Kind regards, Mike