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KeepAliveHD v1.5.1

KeepAliveHD is a simple program which prevents your hard drive to go into automatic standby mode. It works by writing a small text file to your external drive every few minutes.



Changes in v1.5.1
Added option to start minimized when launching the application.

Changes in v1.5
Added option to define multiple volume names for each drive.
Better detection of drive removal/insertion.
Option to select and remove multiple drives at once.

Changes in v1.4.1
Fixed bug on getting the drive volume name while writing the file.
Added option to log error messages.
Now it's possible to see FAT32 drives on the "Drive Info" tab.

Changes in v1.4
Added option to write to any directory instead of the drive root.
Added option to delete the file after it has being created.
File is no longer written unless the drive volume name is the same as in the drive settings.
Fixed some minor bugs.

Changes in v1.3
Now it is possible to specify time unit in seconds, minutes and hours for every drive.

Changes in v1.2
On the "Drive info" tab now it is possible to select multiple drives at once.

Changes in v1.1
Fixed bug with drives selection on Win7 64bit.
Some minor improvements in the code.

Features in v1.0
Unlimited number of drives to specify.
Every drive can have different write time.
It is possible to disable writing for every drive independently.
Ability to disable writings if user is not active for some time eg. 1 hour.
Minimize to tray on close button.
Auto-run with windows.
Information tab for connected drives.

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